Somerset West Mall

These buses are to attend services at Hillsong Somerset West:
January 2, 2022 – 01:29 pm
Somerset West on Twitter: Pls

BP SW (Lord Charles) at 08:45am.
Sir Lowry’s Pass Village at 09:00am.
Gordon’s Bay at 09:15am.
Casablanca Strand at 09:26am.
Rusthof at 09:40am.
Broadlands Road at 09:48am.
Strand Fire Facility at 10:00am.

The coach departs in the return path from chapel at 12:30pm.

Morning coach: 10:30AM solution

a coach departs from 52 London means Malibu Village at 08:45am and prevents at the following points:

Malibu Village 52 London means at 08:45am
Eerste River High-school at 09:00am
Macassar Library 09:25am

Evening bus: 18:30PM service

a bus departs from BP Somerset western at 17:15pm and prevents at after points:

BP SW (Lord Charles) at 17:15pm
Sir Lowry’s Pass Village at 17:30pm
Casablanca Strand at 17:45pm
Rusthof at 17:55pm
Broadlands Path at 18:00pm
Strand Firestation at 18:05pm

The coach departs regarding the return course from chapel at 20:30pm.

Stellenbosch University coach: 18:30PM service

a coach accumulates all students on Conservatorium in Stellenbosch during the place of Neethling Street and Victoria Street at 17:30.

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Somerset West
Somerset West
The West Somerset Word-Book: A Glossary of Dialectal and Archaic Words and Phrases Used in the West of Somerset and East Devon by Frederick Thomas Elworthy (2010-06-08)
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