The art of mixing. Do you want to learn?

December 25, 2020 – 05:19 am
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When you come to a bar, do you usually admire the virtuoso bartender? Professional cocktail making is an art, and an experienced bartender turns it into a really amazing show. He mixes different ingredients, he shakes, tosses, and catches things... It's mesmerizing everybody and you end up with a super amazing cocktail. Have you ever wondered if you can repeat any of these tricks at home?

Making a cocktail doesn't seem complicated. Take a glass and pour a couple of ingredients into it ... It seems that everyone can do it. But a good cocktail is a carefully balanced combination of light and rich, strong and weak, sour and sweet. A true professional not only combines and mixes alcohol but creates a mini-masterpiece. And he certainly knows the basic methods of making cocktails. And now you can learn all this with the virtual cocktail class.

Online training is what you need now. You can get your cocktail shakers and ingredients list in advance so you are ready to start making cocktails. You will learn how to make cocktails with the help of professional bartenders, which is great and fun.If you like, you can study with friends by organizing a Zoom meeting. You will learn all about how to balance the ingredients for the perfect cocktail properly, how to mix them, how to shake them, how to pour and serve different cocktails.It's great that this is not a boring theory, this is a practical lesson where you try and do it yourself.

Of course, no one says that once you graduate, you will become a professional, but you will become almost a real bartender. You will acquire new useful knowledge and skills. Everyone will be delighted with your parties. Shake up your life, add fun, learn how to make cool cocktails! This is exactly what you need now.

Image by LicorBeirao from Pixabay

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