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December 14, 2019 – 11:18 am
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As well as the reviews which are remaining on the site The Good Pub Guide recommendation is based on remarks from visitors that have checked out of late. When you yourself have any specific responses about a pub which either currently recommended or which you believe must certanly be kindly e-mail your reports, information or reviews to the editorial staff.

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Develop you have enjoyed with the great Pub Guide website nevertheless we have been not people to rest on our laurels therefore welcome any comments you have in regards to the site. Please tell us of new functions you believe will be useful, errors on the website, links that don’t work or other things you are feeling worth mention.

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The News part of the web site aims to offer a variety of views from everybody a part of, or thinking about, bars. As chosen selection of contributors air their views regularly and permit people to respond. We have been always searching for interesting people with views regarding industry to increase record - be they licensees, brewers, pub-co workers or, naturally, club goers. We shall select the most fascinating and important people to contribute.

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