Beard as an ancient decoration of men

July 8, 2021 – 10:10 am

Not only women, but also men can decorate themselves. Nowadays, such terms as beard and fashion stand in one place. For several years the sterner sex has been growing this accessory.

Even young people were interested in it. Also facial hair makes guys more adult and serious, and this is what a teenager strives for. Such a change in appearance, will allow a person to stand out in society. According to history, the beard was almost always in fashion, with the exception of those times when it was forbidden by local authorities.

So not only girls take care carefully of their hair, guys also put a lot of effort into caring for beard. When going to the club, girls do makeup and their hair, and guys gently comb their beard and smear it with special care products. Learn more about the hottest trends for African American facial hair and their care.

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