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Of bicycles and blue-cheese butties
July 8, 2017 – 03:07 am
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Dawn Foster and buddy on a bicycle ride in BerkshireDawn Foster and friend on a bike trip in Berkshire Photograph: Anna Gordon

'That small child only kicked your bike, " we informed my pal Vanessa. She turned to look at the angelic-looking toddler. "No, he cannot have, " she reacted in disbelief. Then, as we viewed, he booted her classic Pashley over – in full view of a busy Waterloo section. Therefore started our adventure to Windsor. After profuse apologies through the man's mama and delayed trains, we eventually reached Windsor and Eton Riverside place. It promptly started initially to rain.

Crossing the Thames, we pointed out that the rainfall hadn't discouraged a group of rowers, so we decided it wouldn't deter united states both. We might have our day trip irrespective, therefore off we pedalled.

After a brief spell alongside the road, winding past railway arches and allotments, our route snaked through Dorney Lake Park, in which Olympic rowing occasions tend to be to occur, then ambled along quiet paths beside lush green fields. The landscape became pleasingly picturesque, and mercifully level. Not merely could we see for miles, however it ended up being barely any work to help make development on our ridiculously girly three-speed bikes.

Sounding the small 12th-century St Mary Magdalene's church was surprise pleasure. Built from flint and chalk rubble, it escaped demolition several times, and is now a Grade I-listed building, taken care of by the Friends of Friendless Churches trust.

We shortly found its way to Bray, a town that, on top, appears like just about any affluent, and incredibly English, village. However it is remarkable for having two of this four three-Michelin starred restaurants into the UK: Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck and Alain Roux's Waterside Inn. It's also residence to Bray Studios, in which the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Alien had been filmed.

Much even as we would have liked to pull our muddy legs from the clean carpets of this Duck or Waterside, we thought we possibly may be much more yourself in the Crown, a pub round the part from Heston Blumenthal's leading eatery. There's a gigantic alcohol garden all over straight back, where we stowed our bikes by securing all of them to a tree instead of bicycle racks, after which headed inside.

It turns out Heston owns this, too, although environment had been compared to a traditonal English pub: cosy and casual. The sight of an open fire next to the club was very welcome undoubtedly. We straight away grabbed the dining table next to it, selected one of the numerous ales available, even though the barman, clocking our drenched jeans, threw a few more logs in the fire.

It did not take very long to dry up. We left the village in a buoyant feeling, biking through Jubilee lake nature reserve, in which we spotted herons and a field full of swans. Also they looked fed up with the rain. Wouldn't it ever stop? It reminded us associated with four-year rain violent storm in One Hundred Years of Solitude. Maybe this is Berkshire's Macondo moment?

After we left path 4 behind united states, we necessary to concentrate a little more. The chart now directed us alongside the Jubilee lake because meandered towards Dorney. It's a manmade station built in the belated 1990s and early 2000s to ease neighborhood floods if you take overflow from Thames. Does not appear also enchanting, but this was my favourite the main route: a straightforward, well-signposted road that hugged the lake, permitting united states time for you to chat once we pedalled, and spot the birdlife. (It really is worth noting your gates dotted over the tracks had been very slim – both of us must raise our bikes over them as our handlebars were too broad. Taking a cargo bike or truck through will be extremely difficult).

It wasn't a long time before we arrived at our after that watering opening – the Pineapple when you look at the town of Dorney, apparently Buckinghamshire's most southerly town. In fact, Britain's first pineapple had been cultivated not definately not the site for this level II-listed 15th-century inn, for this reason its name.

Again, we had been in a position to lock up our bikes within the big alcohol garden, before heading inside to check the menu. We'd heard the Pineapple had been well-known for its sandwich record, therefore we discovered there are not any less than 75 various combinations on offer. We spent an excellent five full minutes staring dumbstruck during the menu wondering whether to plump when it comes to Bluebird (breast of chicken, apple, lettuce and blue cheese dressing, since you ask) and/or New york Mouthful (pastrami with cream cheese).

Whenever sarnies appeared these people were most likely the biggest I've seen outside a Scooby Doo cartoon. I would finally bought the Yankee Doodle (pastrami, turkey and mustard), while Vanessa went for the Hogfayre (roast chicken, lettuce and pickle), both served with salad and chips. Neither folks talked until we'd downed all of them, and neither could go when we had. We noticed the Pineapple additionally served "dessert toasties" with ice-cream, but I'm uncertain anyone is physically with the capacity of eating up more than a principal.

Even as we left, heavily, a number of the locals told united states we were rather mad to-be cycling through these types of bad weather. With this endorsement, we pushed forward to Eton, and after following the lake for just a little longer we swung into the village. We were capable evaluate our length from Eton College because of the increasing regularity with which we spotted small gangs of schoolboys ambling about, eyeing us warily. This is most likely because we had been definitely sodden, but at that time we wondered whether or not they could smell the comprehensive knowledge regarding two newcomers. Cycling up to Eton College, and stopping to marvel at main building, we were today minutes away from in which we'd began.

Riding up to Windsor connection, the grey edifice of Windsor Castle loomed, which we'd inexplicably neglected to observe on our arrival. It's certainly huge, and evidently the biggest and oldest inhabited palace in the world. It's also a lot more attractive than Buckingham Palace. It's easy to understand why Queen Liz prefers her digs in Windsor over her London pad. We pushed our bikes over Windsor bridge, now designated solely for pedestrian and cyclist use, so this was a beneficial place to savour the view and a little bit of outdoors before heading back to London. Once we pulled our bicycles on to the train home, Vanessa remarked, not the very first time, it was in fact gorgeous, but: "Why don't we return if it is bright."

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