Fate: why do girls need such elaborate preparations for a single moment?

November 18, 2020 – 01:33 pm
Photo courtesy of the Rose and

For the sake of one night spent in the club, the girls are willing to spend a lot of time on their appearance. Endless shopping trips last for the sake of a single dress, long hours in the hairdresser to make hair look perfect (the main rule of hairstyle that is not clear to the guys: wavy hair should be straightened, straight hair should be curled), regular laser hair removal, using depilacion laser, excellent manicure and careful makeup are very important.

And how to go to the club without high heels, after which their legs hurt terribly? And these sufferings are for a couple of compliments from a handsome young man. But it is worth a bit of pleasant words. Perhaps this is a compliment that could be said by their future boyfriend or even husband. But would he pay attention to her, if she were not so beautiful at this moment? Who knows.

Photo by Pixabay.com

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